MyAcu Trinity Heat Lamp (3-in-1 - Ceramic Far-Infrared, Deep Penetrating Thermal Heat, Plasma Sterilization), 500Watt

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3-in-1 Trinity Heat Lamp Functions
3-in 1 MyAcu Trinity Heat Lamp

Benefit 1 -
 Innovative Ceramic Far infrared radiation (c-FIR) Technology for Effective Pain Relief and Tissue Repair

Benefit 2 - Embrace the safe and adjustable therapeutic heat with a Smart and Compact Control Panel

Benefit 3 - MyAcu Trinity Heat Lamp's Breakthrough non-thermal Plasma Discharge Air Sterilization Technology:  low ozone and nitric oxide concentration, More than just an ion generator. Effectively suppress three major indoor air pollutant : PM 2.5, bacteria, formaldehyde. 

Bonus - Benefit 4

  • 1 x Foot Pad

During our special promotion period, we're excited to offer a FREE heat foot pad (worth 150 GBP) with every purchase. This foot pad targets one of the body's key relaxation points with a dedicated foot warming feature, enhancingg your patients’ experience with a quadruple treatment effect.

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Installment Payment
3 instalment payment available, please contact info@herbprime.com.
2-Year Warranty
The lamp comes with a two-year guarantee and is designed for easy repair or replacement of individual parts, reducing the need to replace the entire unit

Why Choose MyAcu?


1 MyAcu trinity Heat Lamp = 3 Clinical Machines

Ceramic Far infrared radiation (c-FIR) Technology for Deeper Penetration

Innovative Ceramic Far-Infrared (cFIR) Semiconductor Core allows for deeper penetration into the body's meridians, addressing a wide range of health issues more effectively, from providing pain relief to fostering tissue repair, boosting the immune system, and enhancing blood circulation.

Safe & Adjustable Deep Thermal Therapy For Pain Relief

Experience the soothing embrace of adjustable heat on our smart control penal that maximized acupuncture treatment effect for promoting pain alleviation and other therapeutical goals

Plasma Ion Air Sterilization For Safe and Cleaner Therapeutic Space

Built-in air purification and ozone suppression function , ensuring a sterile therapeutic environment.
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Benefit 1
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Ceramic Far infrared radiation (c-FIR) Technology for Deeper Tissue Penetration


Optimized Healing: The MyAcu Trinity Heat Lamp's 9.3 Micrometer Infrared Emission

MyAcu Trinity Heat Lamp emits infrared light with a wavelength closely resembling the human wave at 9.3 micrometers. This emission falls within the optimal range of 8-10 micrometers, ensuring the best possible resonance effects during radiation.

Deep Healing Innovation: Active Heating with Far-Infrared Ceramic Semiconductor in the MyAcu Trinity Heat Lamp

Differing from traditional heating methods, MyAcu Trinity Heat Lamp employs an Active Heating Far-Infrared Ceramic Semiconductor as its highly efficient thermal core. This unique and innovative technology enables deeper penetration for maximum therapeutic effect. The far-infrared rays reach deep into the body, targeting muscles, joints, and even bone. Such deep penetration ensures a comprehensive and effective treatment, making it exceptionally suited for tackling deep-seated issues that may be beyond the reach of other therapeutic approaches.

Complementary to Traditional Practices

Far infrared light acts as a potent complement to traditional Chinese medicine treatments like acupuncture or moxibustion. By enhancing these practices, it amplifies their benefits, offering a more holistic approach to health and well-being.
Benefit 2

Embrace the safe and adjustable therapeutic heat

Adjustable and Controlled Heating with Herbprime’s MyAcu Trinity Heat Lamp
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Precise adjustable Heat Setting and Timer for optimal temperature control


Rapid Warm-Up, and low 500 watt for cost-efficiency and environmental friendliness


Safety Measures: built-in low-volume fan & Heat resistant material

Benefit 3

MyAcu Trinity Heat Lamp's Breakthrough Non-Thermal
Plasma Discharge Air Sterilization Technology

Advanced Plasma Technology

  • Applying the most advanced non-thermal plasma discharge technology that suppresses harmful ozone, it surpasses general negative ion generation technology.
  • Improve indoor air quality and ion balance
  • No consumables and no secondary pollution.
  • Taiwan patent has been obtained.

Efficient Air Purification

  • Actively targets airborne threats and decomposes pollutants, enhancing air quality in large treatment spaces.
  • Effectively reduce the three major types of indoor air pollution: ultrafine particles (PM 2.5), microorganisms (bacteria), and toxic carcinogenic gases (formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds

Clinically Proven

Demonstrated effectiveness in reducing airborne bacteria in healthcare settings.
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