30-Day Free Trial Terms and Conditions

Experience the benefits of our Heat Lamp with our 30-day risk-free trial. We're confident you'll notice a significant impact on your clinic.

Why Are We So Confident?

Our 3-in-1 far-infrared heat lamp with air purification is a revolutionary product, representing 10 years of R&D by our company founder. It is a complete upgrade from the old TDP lamp, addressing all its shortcomings: flimsy design, uneven heating, easy breakage, and overheating. We are confident that this will make a significant improvement in any clinic, making it the best investment for any practitioner. We are sure you will not be disappointed.

Herbprime's 30-Day cFIR Heat Lamp Terms

  • The Herbprime 30-Day Free Trial is available for approved practitioners/herbalists in the UK who have purchased Herbprime products from 29 June 2024 to 29 September 2024
  • During the 30-day period commencing from the date of delivery, customers can use the items as per their normal levels of usage. If a consumer wishes to return the items due to a fault, no charge will be made to their credit card.
  • Returns must be received in a clean condition and in the original box packing for processing, without any scratches or signs of heavy use.
  • Any returns received in an unacceptable condition will be returned to the customer at their cost or destroyed, and the product cost will be charged to the customer.
  • To return, customers must contact Herbprime and complete their return form. Any returns received after the 30-day window will be processed or returned to the consumer at the provider's discretion. Copies of the return form can be obtained from customer service if misplaced.
  • The provider reserves the right to refuse a return in the case of any abuse of the scheme. The Herbprime 30-Day Guarantee is applicable to staff discount purchases.
  • The provider reserves the right to change the terms of the Herbprime 30-Day Free Trial and its other returns policies at any time.