Core Value: Sustainability Commitment

Herbprime stands at the vanguard of environmental stewardship, with a profound dedication to nurturing a harmonious relationship with nature. Our commitment to environmental consciousness isn't just a facet of our operations—it's the essence of our existence.

Our Collaboration with Nature

In the heart of Taiwan, we partner with local cultivators for the sustainable growth of shi hu (Dendrobium), advocating for the preservation of this and other at-risk herbs. Our commitment is multi-dimensional, extending far beyond our product range. We actively support eco-conscious growers, particularly applauding Sun Ten's remarkable efforts in sustainably cultivating Shi Hu. This partnership, symbiotically entwined with indigenous betel nut trees, mirrors our vision for a sustainable future, safeguarding invaluable medicinal herbs for generations to come.

Sustainable Packaging Choices

At Herbprime, our dedication to the environment is visibly reflected in our packaging. Embracing recycled and biodegradable materials, we actively reduce promotional and packaging waste, ensuring every aspect of our business contributes to a sustainable future. Our medical equipment packaging ingeniously balances sterility with eco-friendliness.

We've undertaken significant strides to diminish plastic usage, transitioning to recyclable herb bottles, biodegradable herbal sachets, and introducing innovative features like embossed printing and non-plastic acupuncture guide tubes.

The Moxa Green Initiative- Innovating for a Greener Future

Recognizing the environmental toll of disposable acupuncture guide tubes, with billions finding their way into our oceans annually, we committed to transformative change. After years of dedicated research and development, we've re-engineered our acupuncture needles to be greener. Our guide tubes are now crafted from moxa material, offering compostable and easily recyclable solutions, compatible with household green bins. Moreover, our RPET blisters are crafted from recyclable RPET material, ensuring they can be reprocessed and reused. Even our box packaging has evolved, using less ink and embracing the elegance of embossed effects.

In line with these strides, our house brand, MyAcu, is undergoing a packaging revolution, transitioning to eco-friendly packaging that doesn't compromise on aesthetics, embodying our commitment to eco-consciousness without sacrificing quality or appeal.