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Acu Pyramid (200pcs/box) - Plus 1mm (Tape Diameter 9mm)

Acu Pyramid (200pcs/box) - Plus 1mm (Tape Diameter 9mm)

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- Stainless Steel Handle Acupuncture Needle

- 5 Needles with Individual MOXA BASED guide tubes per Blister

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Revolutionary Non-Invasive, Safer, and Up to 72 hrs long-lasting Approach to Acupuncture

The acu-pyramid is inspired by traditional acupuncture needles, designed to offer similar benefits without using metal. Instead of a stainless steel tip, the pyramid's pointy tip part is made from natural resins. These resins are sticky, organic substances produced by trees and plants, making them ideal for patients with metal allergies or those who prefer a needle-free option.

The pyramid is adhered to a skin-friendly, non-sensitive, and allergy-free 3M tape. This ensures that the product is safe and comfortable for patients with skin allergies when applied to the skin.

Safe & High Quality Material

  • Pyramid Part is made from natural resins material, ideal for patient with metal allergy

  • Skin Friendly and allergy free 3M for a better and comfortable holding

How to Use Acu-Pyramid

Fold the strip along the pre-cut line, allowing the Acu- pyramid to protrude. Then, utilize the provided wooden tong to remove the Acu- pyramid.

Use the provided wooden tong and apply MyAcu’s Acu-pyramid on specific ear acupoints or areas of pain to stimulate meridian flow, enhance Qi circulation, and activate the parasympathetic nervous system.