Tablet Press Machine

KJ-MT-1E Auto Tableting Machine

Ideal for Small Productions and Laboratories

The KJ-MT-1E Auto Tableting Machine is tailored for small-scale production and laboratory settings. With a compact footprint and user-friendly design, it's perfectly suited for health food, bio-technology, and Western medicine applications. This versatile machine offers an array of features for seamless tablet production.

Key Features:

  1. Quick Mold Replacement: Effortlessly swap out molds for various tablet shapes and sizes.
  2. Counting and Automatic Stop: The machine offers counting capabilities and automatic stop functionality, ensuring precision in tablet production.
  3. Custom Quantity Settings: Set the desired tablet quantity, and the machine will automatically halt production when that quantity is reached.
  4. Special Feeding Tray Design: The feeding tray is thoughtfully designed to prevent powder residue. Coated with Teflon at the bottom, it enhances wear resistance and prevents powder leakage.
  5. Pressure Position Adjustment Indicator: Easily adjust the pressure position to meet your specific tablet requirements.
  6. Integrated Vacuum Cleaner: The machine comes equipped with a built-in vacuum cleaner for a cleaner and more efficient production process.


KJ-RT-12S Stainless Rotation Tablet Forming Machine

Versatile Stainless Steel Tablet Maker

The KJ-RT-12S is a stainless steel rotation tablet forming machine designed to produce rounded or shapeless tablets. Its stainless steel construction and hard Cr-coated die make it suitable for traditional tablet production, including camphor balls, pharmaceutical tablets, chemical tablets, candies, and more. This machine stands out for its ease of operation and efficiency.

Key Features:

Diverse Tablet Compatibility: This machine can produce a variety of traditional tablets, from rounded to shapeless, catering to different production needs.

Stainless Steel Construction: The machine housing is built with stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity.

Hard Cr-Coated Die: The die is coated with hard Cr for enhanced tablet formation.

User-Friendly: This machine offers straightforward operation and sufficiency, making it accessible for various applications.

Round Type Tool Included: Each machine comes with a round type tool to facilitate tablet production.

Product Specification:

Cavity: 12pcs
Die diameter:30mm
Punching Length: 137mm
Cavity Diameter: 40mm
Cavity Length: 22.5mm
Max filled depth: 19mm
Max Taping Diameter: 25mm
Capacity: 130/230/360/510 (P/M)
Machine Size: 750×950×1680mm
Machine Weight: 700kgs