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Quality, Consistency And Reliable Sourcing Since 2006

Since 2006 Herbprime has provided the highest quality herbal medicines and acupuncture equipment to the Chinese medicine community across Europe, with our products being the choice of not just clinicians but also NHS clinical trials and TCM schools.

Herbprime ensures a high quality, safe and consistent herbal medicine supply chain by combating issues like adulteration and contamination. We partner with Sun Ten Pharmaceuticals, a 70+ year industry leader in Taiwan, sourcing directly from farmers for quality and agricultural innovation. Their cGMP-certified factory employs stringent quality control, including PCR testing and liquid chromatography to guarantee component levels.

Pioneering A Greener Tomorrow


Our medical equipment packaging balances sterility and eco-friendliness.

We've reduced plastic use in recyclable herb bottles, employed biodegradable materials in herbal sachets, and introduced eco-conscious features like embossed printing and non-plastic acupuncture guide tubes.

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