Eco-Moxa Stainless Steel Acupuncture Needles: A Sustainable Revolution in Acupuncture Practice

Eco-Moxa Stainless Steel Acupuncture Needles: A Sustainable Revolution in Acupuncture Practice

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), patient well-being, quality of herbal and acupuncture supplies, and treatment are all paramount. This holistic philosophy also emphasizes harmony within oneself and with the environment.  Recognizing this interconnectedness, a growing focus on sustainability is emerging in the field of acupuncture.

At Herbprime, we believe in going beyond simply offering the highest quality acupuncture supplies. We're leading the charge in social responsibility and environmental stewardship. For years, we've pioneered numerous green initiative. Our journey began with exploring eco-conscious alternatives for our Altra brand, from PVC blister packs to recyclable pouches, and the development of guide tube-free needles, and also bamboo guide tube needles. This dedication to sustainability allows us to deliver exceptional products while minimizing our environmental impact.

This year, we are excited to unveil the culmination of those efforts: the groundbreaking Eco-Moxa Stainless Steel Acupuncture Needles. Read on to learn how Herbprime leads sustainable practices in acupuncture.

The World's First Non-Petrochemical, Industrially Compostable Guide Tube Sustainable Acupuncture Needles

Eco-Moxa Stainless Steel Acupuncture Needles are a significant leap forward in sustainable acupuncture equipment. They feature the world's first non-petrochemical, industrially compostable moxa guide tube design with high-quality stainless steel needles. This revolutionary approach eliminates traditional plastic guide tubes, significantly reducing acupuncture waste and environmental harm.

Practitioners, Patients, and the Planet Friendly by reducing up to 70% of carbon footprint

Practitioners, Patients, and the Planet Friendly by reducing up to 70% of carbon footprint

Industrially Compostable Moxa Guide Tubes:

Industrially Compostable Moxa Guide Tubes:
  • Eliminating Plastic Waste:

    We've replaced plastic guide tubes with non-petrochemical, industrially compostable alternatives. These guide tubes are made from plant-based materials, primarily moxa, making them environmentally friendly and industrially compostable.

  • Balancing Sustainability with Hygiene:

    While prioritizing sustainability, we recognize the importance of precise needle insertion with guide tube preferred by many practitioners. Our innovative, eco-conscious guide tube design ensures a hygienic experience for both practitioners and patients, minimizing the risk of contamination without compromising patient safety or practitioner preference.

Sustainable Stainless Steel, No copper electroplating (no toxic byproducts):

  • Stainless Steel for Reduced Environmental Impact:

     We've opted for stainless steel needles over copper. While both materials are suitable for acupuncture, copper production is associated with significant environmental hazards, including water pollution and acid rain. Stainless steel production generates considerably less waste, and the needles themselves do not require additional electroplating, further reducing environmental impact.

Sustainable Practices Beyond the Needle:

  • Recycled Cardboard Packaging:

     The box packaging for our Eco-Moxa needles is made from recycled cardboard.
  • Embossed Design:

     We've opted for embossed designs instead of printed packaging, minimizing ink use and reducing our environmental footprint.
  • Fully Recyclable Pouches:

     We've replaced traditional PVC plastic blister packs with pouches made from R-PET material, which is made entirely from recycled products like water bottles. The R-PET pouch can itself be recycled again to reduce waste.

Crafting Exceptional Sharpness in Needles and Sustainable Practices through 4 quality control processes

Ensuring Patient and Practitioner Comfort and Minimizing Environmental Impact

Herbprime is committed to providing exceptional quality acupuncture needles that are both comfortable for patients and minimize environmental impact. To Crafting Exceptional Sharpness that are both comfortable for patient and practitioner, we achieve this through a 4 stage stage quality control process that prioritizes both effectiveness and sustainability.

Creating Precise and Sharp Needles:

Our journey begins with oil-tempered Japanese medical steel wire. This high-quality material undergoes meticulous stretching, shaping, and tapering to achieve a fine point. It ensures consistent needle quality, with particular attention paid to maintaining a gradual curve in the needle tip. This curved design, as opposed to a triangular tip, optimizes sharpness while minimizing discomfort during insertion.

Needle Assembly and Sterilization:

Next, the needles are attached to handles, with options including Korean, plastic, or traditional styles. We deliberately avoid copper electroplating for the handles, as this process generates harmful chemical byproducts. Following assembly, the needles are meticulously cleaned with ultrasound technology, removing any dust, oil, or debris left from the manufacturing process.

For optimal patient comfort and practitioner ease of use, the needles are then coated with a medical-grade silicone oil. This same material is used on scalpels and other surgical equipment, ensuring a smooth and comfortable needling experience. Finally, the needles undergo a final quality control check before being packaged and sterilized using gamma ray sterilization.

Eco-Moxa Needles are Available in various sizes and quantity:

100 Needles- Traditional Loop Style

500 Needles- Traditional Loop Style

1000 Needles- Traditional Loop Style

100 Needles- Plastic Handle Style


Join the Herbprime’s Eco-Moxa Mission: Eco-Acupuncture for a Greener Future

By choosing Eco-Moxa Stainless Steel Acupuncture Needles, practitioners invest in superior acupuncture tool and contribute to a more sustainable future for healthcare. Together, we can minimize acupuncture waste, reduce environmental impact, and foster a healthier planet.

Embrace Sustainability with Herbprime's MyAcu Brand

MyAcu, Herbprime's pioneering acupuncture brand, revolutionizes the field with its eco-conscious and inventive approach. The product range includes the Eco-Moxa Stainless Steel Acupuncture Needles with Moxa Guide Tube, an unprecedented, innovative 3-in-1 Far-Infrared Heat Lamp, and a non-invasive, powerful Acu-pyramid. Each product under the MyAcu brand is produced with rigorous control, utilizing a fully automated, state-of-the-art manufacturing process. This is achieved in close collaboration with our manufacturing associates, ensuring a seamless blend of precision, quality, and innovation in every aspect of MyAcu Products.