Online Prescription Service: Tailored Excellence for Herbalists

Our Herbal Dispensary is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of Licensed Health Professionals and authorized students, offering a seamless process to compound personalized formulas for individual patients. With the convenience of direct dropshipping to patients, Herbprime streamlines your practice, allowing you to focus on care without the logistical hassle. We emphasize that all prescriptions must distinctly include the individual patient's name, ensuring a personalized touch in every formula.

Trustworthy Herb Sourcing

Navigating the intricate supply chain of herbal medicine, Herbprime takes rigorous steps to address critical issues like adulteration, contamination, and inconsistent quality. Our primary supplier, Sun Ten Pharmaceuticals of Taiwan, boasts over 70 years of excellence and a commitment to purity and potency. Unlike the commonplace practice of sourcing from large, unverified markets, Sun Ten prioritizes direct procurement from farmers. This approach not only ensures the integrity of our products but also fosters agricultural innovation and enhances herb yield and effectiveness.

Post-cultivation, these herbs are processed in Sun Ten’s cGMP-certified facility. Sun Ten focuses on quality control, employing a wide range of testing methods, from visual inspections and microscopic analysis to advanced techniques like PCR for genetic matching and high-performance liquid chromatography, ensuring that each batch meets our stringent standards for medically active components.

Commitment to a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Herbprime acknowledges our responsibility to the environment that yields these precious herbs. In collaboration with Sun Ten, we actively pursue initiatives to minimize our carbon footprint, encompassing efficient production processes, reduction in plastic usage, and support for environmental charities.

Sustainability – Our Core Philosophy - Cultivation of Shi Hu (Dendrobium)

Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering. All our herbs are sourced from ecologically conscious growers, ensuring that these natural remedies remain available for future generations. A notable example of our sustainable practice is the cultivation of Shi Hu (Dendrobium). Classified as a CITES Appendix II plant, its harvesting is closely monitored. Through persistent efforts, Sun Ten has successfully cultivated Shi Hu in Taiwan, fostering a sustainable symbiotic relationship with indigenous betel nut trees. This endeavor not only ensures the preservation of Shi Hu but also reflects our broader mission to support and nurture the environment integral to herbal medicine.

Eco packaging

Our products are medical equipment, and therefore a balance must always be struck between packaging that is sterile and long-lasting, and packaging that is environmentally friendly. However we are very proud of the advances we have made of the past several years in eco-friendly packaging that meets all possible usage requirements.

We've reduced plastic use in recyclable herb bottles, employed biodegradable materials in herbal sachets.